January Rent the Runway Picks

I had a Rent the Runway first this month. I decided to purchase one of the pieces I rented! I’ve been incredibly skeptical about purchasing a piece from Rent the Runway. While they discount the pieces if you want to purchase them (I’ve seen 30% to 70% off retail value). I’ve still found it hard to rationalize spending a couple hundred dollars on a designer piece that’s been worn by who knows how many people. What made me change my mind this month? The piece I purchased I knew had been recently added to the website (meaning very few people had worn it before) and with the additional 30% off the piece was less than I could find it at other retailers online. The bigger reason though? I just really liked it! I wanted to continue wearing it for events I had coming up in the following months. Any guesses on what piece I bought? Read on to find out…

January Rent the Runway

Piece one: Amanda Uprichard aspen sweater coat

Retail: $244

Size Rented: XSmall

Fit: Oversized fit. The arms were too long on me.

I’ve been seeing teddy bear coats everywhere and I wanted to give one a try for January. It is a great coat for travel. I often wore it with a basic t-shirt and jeans. While it is super cozy, it did feel like it had been dry cleaned a LOT so it maybe wasn’t as soft as it once was. This has been one of my biggest struggles with RTR - sometimes the pieces are so worn it’s hard to feel great wearing them. My other challenges with this coat are its boxy lack of shape (you feel and look like a teddy bear!) and it is really pink. I would be interested in trying another teddy bear coat that was a more neutral color and had a little bit more structure.


Piece Two: bb dakota Buffalo ‘66 Sweatshirt

Retail: $78

Size Rented: Small

Fit: True to size.

This sweatshirt was my most worn piece and the piece I decided to purchase! Did you guess it?! I’ve been loving all things gingham. This sweatshirt is incredibly comfortable. It has a slightly cropped fit but works well with higher rise jeans. The bottom also has a cute pull detail. I like the mockneck collar, which isn’t too tight or too loose. I felt like I could continue to wear this throughout the winter and spring and didn’t want to return it. If you’re interested in purchasing this sweatshirt yourself I found it here (on sale for $40!).


Piece Three: Joie Navy clover maxi dress

Retail: $528

Size Rented: XSmall, regular

Fit: True to size, often maxi dresses are too long on me but the hem height was perfect.

This was my second favorite piece I rented in January. I was surprised how versatile this maxi dress could be. I wore it a few times with boots and tights (to keep warm). I also layered a cardigan or a sweater on top. The dark rich colors of the dress - blues, pinks and reds - make it more winter appropriate and it matched with a lot of my closet staples. Recently I’ve been wearing a lot of maxi dresses and skirts with boots and it’s one of my new favorite go to looks.


Piece Four: Loeffler randall natural industry bag

Retail: $295

I broke out of my circle bag rut (two months in a row of renting a circle bag) and decide to rent this bucket bag. I probably received the most compliments on this piece. It was an unusual piece in my closet. It has a much more industrial look than I typically gravitate towards. I enjoyed renting it for the month and used it a fair amount. I took it to Palm Springs with us (post coming soon!) and used it every day there. The drawstring opening is a little challenging to use and I didn’t love the length of the straps - I wish they were longer. The black and caramel colors are perfect neutrals that go with everything. I wasn’t bothered by the open perforations that allow you to see into the bag but I could see how someone might be!


Favorite Outfits:


Would you purchase a rental? Share your thoughts below or send me a message! - Rebecca