December Rent the Runway Picks


December has flown by! I feel like I just finished my post on my November RTR Update picks! To be upfront, I was a little disappointed with my selections this month. My initial disappointment came when I went to finalize my shipment. Almost everything I had “hearted” to rent for December wasn’t available. As a result, I made a couple of rushed decisions that I wasn’t completely happy with.

If you need a refresher or don’t know what Rent the Runway is, check out my November Picks – here! There are a couple of strategies I use to save pieces and build a list for selection time. New arrivals come to Rent the Runway App most Sunday mornings. I jump on that day and scroll through the new pieces – hearting the ones I like. I’ve had a lot of success renting newer pieces on the site for a couple of reasons: one, they’re often in great (or brand new) condition (I’ve had a couple pieces shipped with tags still on them!) and two, there seems to be more stock and availability with the newer pieces.

I usually have a couple of short lists going at one time to save hearted pieces to. One list is dedicated for the following month rentals. I have one list for Anthropologie brands (see below). Then I usually have a couple of lists for special occasions I know that are coming up – a wedding, a work event, etc.

The other way I find pieces to heart and add to short lists is a little more obsessive and methodical. I have a Google Doc spreadsheet of brands carried by Rent the Runway and Anthropologie: check it out here! Periodically I will click through all the brands and see what pieces overlap. I’ll save these pieces to my Anthropologie short list. I also keep a Pinterest board of the overlapping pieces: you can follow it here. When it’s time to rent I’ll scroll through my Pinterest images and see what jumps out at me. You’ll notice I also have separate sections on my Pinterest board for other blogger inspired pieces that also are available on RTR.

The biggest thing I learned this month is to have backup selections for my backup selections. Also, that it’s better not to have my mind completely set on a specific piece as I’ll be less likely to be disappointed. Let’s jump into what I did rent!

Piece one: Claire V. Black Floral Circle clutch

Retail: $210

The floral embroidery immediately drew me to this purse. Of the pieces I rented I probably received the most complements on this bag. I love the designer Claire V. and Rent the Runway has given me access to purses that I couldn’t otherwise justify purchasing. The size of the bag was perfect – it held all the essentials! I liked the zipper closure (last month the purse I rented only had a snap). The single leather strap could be carried or worn over the shoulder. I think I would have used it a lot more with an additional crossbody strap on the purse. This is the second circle purse I’ve rented in a row. In January I plan to try a new purse shape!


Piece Two: Moon River Faux Shearling MOto Jacket

Retail: $119

Size Rented: 0

Fit: True to size. Boxy crop fit, arms were a little short.

The jacket was much more red than I thought it was going to be. I was hoping it would be a more neutral beige-red but really it’s just red! The fit was a little odd - very boxy. The sleeves were only three quarter and the whole jacket was cropped short. Unfortunately, I hardly ended up wearing it. I think that was mostly because it was too light a weight of a jacket for the weather and since it was also cropped it never felt practical. Unlike the plaid jacket I rented the month before I didn’t feel like I could wear this coat to work, it’s a little too casual. I might try renting a different shearling jacket later this year but I’m not going to prioritize it!


Piece Three: Rachel Roy collection blanchette leopard dress

Retail: $149

Size Rented: 0, regular

Fit: True to size

I primarily rented this dress to wear to a wedding we had in early December. It was perfect for that event! The layers of the skirt were so fun to twirl around in. Leopard print has been everywhere this season and I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon. I was hoping I might wear the dress again with a sweater and tights but never found the right occasion. With that said, I’m still happy with my decision to rent it, even if only for a single wear.


Piece Four: SPlendid everest sweater

Retail: $168

Size Rented: XS

Fit: True to size

This was my number one most worn piece! The stripes were the perfect blend of neutrals – grey, black and beige. The fit was more cropped than other sweaters I own, but was perfect with higher rise pants. The bell sleeves were a lot of fun but less practical when it came time to cooking or doing laundry! I liked layering a white turtleneck underneath or adding a black scarf. I was incredibly tempted to purchase it but the sleeves were a little trendy and the month was the perfect amount of time with this sweater!

Favorite Outfits:

053_MoP_RTR Dec.jpg

How do you plan your rentals? Do you have a process for shortlisting? Share your thoughts below or send me a message! - Rebecca