November Rent the Runway Picks


I’ve been using Rent the Runway for over 5 years now. When I first graduated college it felt like there was a wedding every weekend. RTR was the perfect solution to have different outfits and not a closet of only-worn-once dresses.

When RTR first started, you would rent one piece (usually a dress or accessory) for 4 or 8 days. They mailed you the dress (in your normal and requested back up size) you would wear it for your event and then return it in a prepaid garment bag. No need to worry about dry cleaning or washing. It’s incredibly convenient and they have great customer service. One time a dress I was supposed to rent was returned damaged by another renter. RTR reached out to me before the event and allowed me to choose any dress (regardless of the price difference) as an alternate. One of my favorite parts about their website is the customer reviews. Real women post photos and comments on the dresses they’ve rented. You can filter the reviews by size, age, body type and see how a dress might look on you before committing!

The company continues to expand their “digital wardrobe” and now offers three different ways to rent:

RTR Reserve (I’ve used this plan in the past): Rent a single piece for 4 or 8 days. Starting at $30/rental. Free returns and back up sizes.

RTR Update (the plan I currently have): Rent 4 pieces each month. Exchange the pieces at the end of each month for 4 new ones. $89/month.

RTR Unlimited: Unlimited pieces on rotation. Wear a piece as long as you want and return it when you want for a new piece. $159/month.

Last spring I started trying their Update program – it’s kind of like Netflix for clothes. My goal with using RTR Update is to try and minimize buyer’s remorse while also being able to experiment with new trends and styles. Occasionally I’ll find myself purchasing a piece and only wearing it one season. It’s both wasteful and a drag on my wallet! I decided to restart my account just in time for the holidays (when I’m most likely to make an impulse purchase). Today I’m sharing reviews of my November pieces, what I learned from them, and what I’m planning to rent in December.

Piece one: Cupcakes and Cashmere Plaid Adi Jacket

Retail: $178

Size Rented: XS

Fit: True to size, may want to size up to layer heavier sweaters underneath

This was my most worn piece! I considered purchasing it at the end of my rental period (which is possible for a slightly discounted price!) I liked the double-breasted buttons and general fit of the coat. The camel and red plaid are festive for fall. It’s a lighter weight jacket and layered well with sweaters for extra warmth. I would have liked it to be a little bit shorter. I didn’t end up purchasing it because I felt like the plaid was very seasonal and I already had it for most of the fall season!


Piece Two: Elizabeth and James Accessories Red Tiki Nappa Crossbody

Retail: $275

I was disappointed initially when I unwrapped this purse. It was a lot smaller than I had thought it would be (shame on me for not fully reading the description).  It still held all the essentials (phone, card case, keys, and lipgloss). I wish there was a better closure on it (there was only a simple snap). I didn’t feel like the craftsmanship held up to the 275 dollar retail price tag. I ended up using it a fair amount though as an everyday purse. I wore it frequently with the Cupcakes and Cashmere Plaid Jacket. My favorite part of the piece was the circle shape!


Piece Three: Joie Catriona Turtleneck Dress

Retail: $328

Size Rented: XS

Fit: True to size, runs short

The material and construction of the dress were beautiful. It was a nice grey-brown basic color that looked nice under the Cupcakes and Cashmere jacket. My biggest complaint was that it was too short. I ended up wearing it over leggings or pants and never as a dress by itself. The sleeves had a fun ruffle detail at the shoulder and slight balloon at the cuff. I enjoyed having the dress for the month but could see myself being bored with it too quickly.


Piece Four: Paper Crown Plaid Pearl Culottes

Retail: $208

Size Rented: 2

Fit: True to size or slightly larger, I should have rented a 0

This was my least worn piece. In hindsight it probably didn’t make a lot sense to rent a plaid coat AND plaid pants. I liked the colors of these pants – pinks and dark red. I wore them to work one day with a black turtleneck. They were a little too big on me and sat lower on my hips than I typically like. I’m learning that as much as I like the cropped wide-leg pant trend, in reality I don’t reach for those style pants that often.

Favorite Outfits:


A few of the pieces I’m eyeing to rent for December:

Cozy Sweater

Festive Coat

Party Dress

Leopard Print

Have you used Rent the Runway before? Share your thoughts on RTR below or send me a message! - Rebecca