Fall Loungewear

MoP_Fall Lounge_01.jpg

Outfit Details: Shirt, Shorts

Dennis and I moved in together almost a year ago (and it feels like just yesterday – where does the time go?). It’s been a good excuse to upgrade my workout, sleep and loungewear. I had pretty much the same uniform for all three: college t-shirts and Nike run shorts. I was wandering through Anthropologie and came across their Saturday/Sunday brand. Everything in the line is so incredibly soft. I like their range of sweatpants, sweaters, and layering tees. The pieces could be worn together or dressed up - if you plan on leaving the couch! I had a 20% off coupon and used it to scoop up the pictured shorts and shirt. They’re the perfect fall transition loungewear. The gradient on the sweatshirt is what really caught my eye! I have a couple of other items on my wish list like this green shirt, theses joggers and this open cardigan, all waiting for another good sale! - Rebecca