On My Wishlist... Belt Bag UPDATE


Cuyana 3-in-1 Belt Bag

My first Wish List post highlighted belt bags. I was initially reluctant to jump on the trend but I ended up purchasing the Cuyana 3-in-1 belt bag in Stone. I took it for a test run in Chicago this September (look for a post on our trip details coming soon!) and have been using it as a crossbody every weekend since.

Pros: I love the color of the bag. It goes with almost everything. The size is also great. There is a small divider in the front for your phone or card case and all your essentials fit perfectly. It’s very well made and the leather is a great quality - as you would expect from Cuyana! The purse comes with two interchangeable straps which are really easy to swap in and out. The primary strap I’ve used is for the crossbody. I enjoyed the hands-free convince of the belt bag strap (and the on-trend look!) but had some difficulty with it (see below).

Cons: While I really like the look of it as a belt bag, I found it challenging to take off and put on. I went back and forth between threading it through my belt loops or wearing it over them. I had a lot of trouble with it when trying to use the ladies room! There might be a technique that I haven’t mastered yet but let just say I struggled with that (comment or send me a message if you’ve figured out a good belt bag technique!). My only other challenge with the bag is that it’s a little large for me to hold as a clutch.

Overall, I’m incredibly happy with the purchase. I’m glad I decided to go with the interchangeable bag because I’m not so sure I’ll be using it as a belt bag as frequently. I haven’t give up yet though! - Rebecca